Carole King


Started this blog in 2009 as a way to collect and share anything that inspires me, whether it‘s a designer’s portfolio, a gorgeous house, a jaw dropping hotel, a fantastic new product or a beautiful shopping website. Interiors blogs had been inspiring my design work for some time and I felt compelled to create my own little library of loveliness.

However, little did I know when I wrote that first post that I would be undertaking such an incredible journey. I have met so many inspirational people both online and in real life, I’ve travelled to New York as part of  Blog Tour, attended bloggers conferences around Europe (both as an attendee and as a speaker), and witnessed a sea change in the online world where bloggers have become real influencers in the world of design.

And, it was only a year after publishing my first post that life changed forever. A casual, regular date with two fellow bloggers led to the birth of Heart Home which became the UK’s first digital only interiors magazine. Heart Home was always going to be about British homes and British design and we have made it our mission to champion new emerging designers.

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