Along my journey I have received so much support, help and been inspired from so many people, that I think it’s only fitting to do the same for others in my own little way. First I have to say thank you to these guys for keeping me moving forward...


Carmel Allen (Creative Director) LINLEY

Tim Ely (Head of Buying Furniture & Lighting) The Conran Shop

Lulu Lytle (Co-founder) Soane Britain

Barbara Chandler at

Zoe Brewer at

Jessica Sims (Marketing Manager) west elm

Rory, Piers & Bud at

Sean Sutcliffe (Co-founder & Managing Director) Benchmark

Steve Owens (Head of Design & Managing Director of Furniture) Benchmark

Peter Ting at

Sam Fisher (Content Manager) UBM 

Andy Bishop (Creative Director) UBM

Gerald Bailey at Diffusion

Stuart Barr at

Kirstie Allsopp at

Will Hobhouse (Chair) Heal's

Sebastian Cox at

Lynne Lambourne at


A website is normally where you talk and promote yourself but I want to use this page to promote and shine a light on people that I admire. A lot of people slowly start to stop appreciating people and I really just want to say that I think it is extremely important to appreciate and admire multiple people on this planet for many different reasons...


The People Shop

The People Shop - Allison and Christian Sadler the friendly design duo behind this happy lifestyle store. They sell a stylish collection of clothing, gifts, home wares and accessories, some designed and made by them and some made by other designer makers they fall in love with. Social media can be so cold sometimes but every now and again you come across people that restore your faith in humanity, this couple is just that. They are the nicest people I have met in the real world from the virtual one. I admire them for being them and when you meet them, you will understand what I’m saying. Really nice people.


My Jamii Cafe

My Jamii Cafe - A new, not-for-profit enterprise scheme that was started in May 2014. It was started as a direct result of meeting many young people with low educational attainment, minimal literacy and little access to work experience or opportunities to improve their circumstances, all in the Borough of Lewisham. What is not to Admire about what these guys are doing, please take a look.


Tommy & Lottie

Tommy & Lottie - A modern unisex British baby clothing brand. I admire Katie because she makes grown up clothes for babies. I mean, I would wear them, the designs are so grown up but have a young fresh appeal and after chatting to her I understand why, her style and commitment to her ideas is so infectious that I am hooked. We should be doing something together real soon.


Vinegar & Brown Paper

Vinegar & Brown Paper - Andy Poplar, an award winning advertising creative, decided to quit his job because he needed to do something different with his life. Sometimes the most simple ideas are just so class that they make you smile when you see them and this is why I admire Vinegar & Brown Paper.



Rosemaryrose - From the old and restored to the new and contemporary, Zara Day provides a design service through Rosemaryrose, creating bespoke hand embroidered furnishing fabrics, which are custom made for specific projects. I was very lucky to meet this Lovely lady at Heal’s and I have to say, she and her designs blow me away. She has a calm warm glow that is so inviting, that we chatted for a long time and I just wanted to say, I admire your peace.


Manners Maketh Man

Manners Maketh Man - Serving as a blog and website for those with an appreciation for fashion, travel and lifestyle. AKA Rav Rayet is a young man who has been through a lot in the past years but with this being said he has kept his head up and pushed past things where most would have fallen down and stayed down. I admire him because every time I see him he has a smile that says “I’m not giving in, NEVER, I’m gonna fight this and along the way, well, I might as well look good, stay on trend and be as creative as ever.” This guy is unreal and for this I take my hat off to you sir.