Leather 6250 G Plan

Leather 6250 G Plan


An absolutely stunning G Plan 6250 Armchair has been redesigned by us with Timorous Beasties Kaleido Splatt All Over Fabric on the back and a lovely Tan Leather on the front from Yarwood Leather .

It belongs to our XXX range. 

The story behind is to find pieces of furniture that would normally be looked over by buyers (because they are not stylish enough or have a name attached to them but the shape, craftsmanship or wood is to die for), to embellish them without taking away the real, lived in character but still keeping them;

Simple, Stylish, Sophisticated, Sumptuous and of course Sexy. 

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Width: 93.0 cm

Height: 91.0 cm

Depth: 69.0 cm