Need some light at the end of the tunnel? I am a motivator, innovator and communicator and can get your team or startup on the right track to success. I have worked with individuals, teams and SME's. I can help you think differently and find opportunities. I can be someone to bounce ideas off or help you create them.

Developing community engagement, strengthening and establishing relationships and partnerships. Creating connections. Build understanding of needs through community engagement. Establish and nurture strategic relationships. Creating networks - Coordinating and bringing together to create opportunities for connection and mutual support. Facilitate communication and engagement. Organise meet-ups, providing opportunities for collaboration and support. Facilitate grassroots communications of delivering spaces for social impact that support community initiatives, accelerate social entrepreneurialism and engender peer-to-peer learning.



I help brands to listen, understand and engage in conversations on social media. I also train people how to build their networks on and offline.  

I have worked with several schools and colleges on enterprise and employability and can bring my workshops to life with enthusiasm.

I offer training/workshops on:

Social media - specialising in engagement 

Grass roots marketing

How to build your personal brand 

Startup workshops

How to stand out from the crowd

Making great connections



As a speaker, panel member, I can speak on a variety of subjects - digital, social media, social enterprise, entrepreneurship, networking, motivational, inspirational and my story. I am a natural and authentic speaker, with a story that will get you to make a change in your Life, Today.