Unfortunately and by no intention I sometimes fail. Fail to deliver, fail to be understood or just fail to succeed.

But if you look at my (and really anyones) social media you would think we are all living this wonderful successful lifestyle that is unreachable. So I want to speak about failure and ask some questions.

Why do we not talk about failing?

Is failing the best and only way to succeed?

My beautiful failings...

I have 3 beautiful children from 3 failed relationships.

I have practical knowledge of getting sacked from a number of jobs.

I have the wonderful memories and experience of running 2 failed business.

I have loads of practice on painting projects not working, workshops not working out and upholstery jobs going wrong.

A lifetime of hopes and hard work does not prevent these events happening. They result in a truly bad feeling and regret but the up shot of such can either make you give up with sadness or be a source to drive you forward to learn from mistakes and improve.

 An understanding of where things went wrong enables improvement and hopefully preventing the same failings happening again.

When life’s beautiful failures prove to be difficult and everything doesn’t go according to plan there is a bigger lesson to be learnt, we just need to see them.

My own experience has proved that life has many twists and turns, highs and lows. The failings not only teach us to appreciate the good times but give us a shove if you like, in a forward direction.

If it helps I feel the same. That shove is never enjoyed, more endured. It is always unexpected and catches you off guard. It can even bring hurt, tears and sorrow but on reflection it was also an unexpected push in the right direction. This can really catapult you on to a new level.

You will have to dig deeper to live through the failures but they will provide you with greater inner strength, a better ability to problem solve and a mentality to allow you to endure the tough times.

So let’s all try to see these failings as positives lessons we need to learn. These times are conquered with the help and support of loved ones and colleagues. Time... time for working harder, time for thinking harder and time to endure time-out is taken. Yes,

 I understand the last one is a curve ball but in order to refresh we need time to get away even if you are not able physically, mentally is enough.

Ok Jay, what are you trying to say? I think I hear you saying.

Well let me sum it up for you. 

We need to fail, to succeed. If a child fails to pick themselves up when learning to walk, we would ALL still be crawling. So dust yourself off from those beautiful failings, reset & let’s ALL learn to walk, jump high, run fast together, love again and talk more about what went wrong for us because it’s what we NEED to live.

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