I’m one very lucky guy to have people that support, care and love me and the majority of them are women.

I’ve got about five very important women in my life: my Daughter Zola Blades, my Mum Barbara Cumberbatch living in Barbados, Paris Goodman step daughter, my new adopted Mom Thelma Dunlop & my partner Christine Goodman .

There are many others but these ladies are the main ones.

But today this blog is dedicated and all about one person, my partner Christine. As I say that (because whenever I do a blog I do a voice note) I’m smiling and feel warm inside.

Before I get into this, I just want to say a few things. This blog has taken me years to do because I’m a very private person and I don’t really like to put my life out there.

Says the guy who’s blogs are very personal. Yes I’m smiling too.

Also, you may not know this and it may not seem this way but I’m not great at showing and displaying emotions but I love pushing myself to be open and this is one way that I go about doing it. 

There is a saying that “Behind every great man is a greater woman”.

In my case she is in front of me or as she would say, “I’m always by your side”.

So with this in mind I would like to explain the feeling of having my Queen, around me.

Everyone needs a person that will offer a smile, a hug and an unconditional understanding when you need it the most. It’s fair to say that I am one very, very lucky guy, because I have it wrapped up in one beautiful person.

Ok, where should I start? The beginning sounds like a good place.

Well, as you all should know (from reading my blogs) 3 years ago I was homeless. I had one pair of trainers, one tracksuit and one shirt. Basically, I didn’t have much and wasn’t a catch for anyone. 😊

But you know what, when you see an opportunity, no matter how low down you are, you should go for it. And this was exactly what I did.

I went into the head office of my new Brother’s company, where he had about 30 members of staff (don’t worry I’m not drifting off just setting the scene). As he introduces each and every one, she caught my eye. Yeah that’s right, Christine.

Now I know I just said you must take every opportunity but timing is very very important and basically I was not ready to lay my intentions on the line just yet. I hadn’t had a wash or changed my clothes for a few days.

Told you I wasn’t much of a catch.

But I tell you what, when I first saw her, I just knew she was what I wanted to have besides me and I didn’t care about my smell (as I didn’t smell too fresh at the time) I could see my future and it was looking nice, very nice indeed. 

Some people, just like ‘things’ really stand out to you and this was the case.

Ok let me explain...

Christine has that air of class and grace that can only come from having lived a life and being fully content within yourself. 

So when I knew I wanted this person in my life I just knew, I had to fix up.

Well I did fix myself up and yes i did have a wash, changed my clothes, got a hair cut and was smelling much better I would have you know.

So then came the day I was going to make my intentions know to her.

Sadly, I didn’t do it face to face but I hid behind a phone. 

I called her up and said...

“I want to take you out on a date so I can get to know you because, I want you to be my Lady”

Well she said yes to the date bit but said steady on to the being my Lady part.

Ok you can’t win them all!

So onto the date, which was nice but I did start and end the conversation with some very deep and meaningful questions. Now most people would have run a mile but Christine said let me get back to you with the answers. 

Some may say I went in a bit to deep at the start but i think it’s best to let people know what they are dealing with right from the start.


Ok back to the story...

A few years have passed, yes that’s right I’ve jumped a bit, but we all have keep a few things just for us. Well its fair to say, Christine did me the honour in becoming my Lady.

Well let me tell you this, I am a very fussy guy and putting up with me can be very hard work but what you will receive from me is, 







And not forgetting beautiful furniture

It does sound like I’m putting an advert in for a lonely hearts Ad, but this is not the case. Just saying Christine has received from me and now, here is what i receive from her.








A warm welcoming Smile, Kiss and Hug when I come home.

Ok where are you going with this Jay?

Well let me tell you.

As a celebration of My Love for Christine I have produced a new range called The Love Collection. 

Tell me what you think of the blog and the Collection please? And let me leave you with this...

The wonderful thing is, it’s only the beginning.