Take Care

Take care of yourself, Always.

Lately I've been filming back to back, 3 TV shows, completing work for customer’s and fulfilling a couple of major commercial projects.

This can take its tol on the body because in some cases I have to drive for 4/5 hours to get to location. As I am writing this blog I’m lying in bed a bit worst for wear.  Fortunately or unfortunately my body can take a lot but also very occasionally comes to a complete stand still.  This is when I am simply not able to work and need to recuperate, if only for a day or two.  

I guess the body can be a complex and robust unit but if its under extreme stress and strain for long enough something has to give. I do appreciate that this is most probably a good thing which prevents further damage or even an accident.

While resting up it got me thinking, its only when we become ill that we really want to take care of ourselves and this is not good . So I said I’m gonna do a short blog, for you guys but its mainly for myself,  to be Better to Me.

I gonna be doing the following from now on.

Take Better Care of Me.

Its a very short blog as I need to rest but I hope you all get the point.

Take Care


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