Commission Me

Almost every week I get asked this question, do you do private commissions? The answer is always a BIG FAT YES!

I love doing private commissions especially when people tell me to have fun with their items.

The latest commission I have had, is from young lady whose father had designed four chairs, when they lived in Africa. 

As you can see the chairs are more suited to a warmer climate, resembling a deckchair with a simple frame which is  stylish and beautiful. So when she asked me if I would be able to add some cushions to the seat and also to the back I knew this was gonna be a tall order. But an interesting and exciting challenge, the kind of project I relish.

What I wanted to do was add style, charisma and a classic element to her father’s design. 

The sad state of affairs is that the chairs are more suited to be in a warmer climate. But I needed to make them comfortable stylish meanwhile continue to pay homage to her father’s original design. 

We had been in discussion for a considerable time about what fabric to use and when will be the best time for the chairs to come to my workshop. Just the the initial consultation to begin such a project.

The day had come when the chairs had arrived and I was unbelievably impressed by the frames. I said to her that I will do her and her father proud by creating a comfortable seat and back that will compliment and help to elevate the original design.

So I know what you are thinking. What have you done?  Well this blog is slightly different the only person that has seen the end result is the customer.  But if you go onto Instagram and you like the picture I have currently posted I will then  post up what the chairs looks like later on today.

Drum roll ..... 

Let’s break the internet 😂😂😂

And if you like what you see you never know you might commission me to work on an item for you.  

Photos are of commissions I have worked on before.