Back 2 It

Back at what, I hear you say. 

Well let me tell ya, sit down and get ready because it’s a lot of information to take in. 

One of my favourite furniture stores is Heal’s and they have been supporting me ever since I started in this industry, they have welcomed me back with open arms to run a series of workshops.

I have run workshops in Heal’s before mainly showing how to restore and paint your own furniture, which has always been very poplar and a sell out but what I wanted to do this time was to offer something a bit different.

So I asked my friend if he would join me so we could offer more diversity and to provide a greater experience during these workshops.

Who is your friend I’m hearing you shout at your phone screen? :-)

Well the photo was a bit of a give away.

My friend and partner in crime (for these workshops) is Simion from Reloved Upholstery, Great team, right?

We are currently doing a collaboration where we use off cuts from jobs we have both done and then mix, match and make, a one off beautiful scatter cushion. 

We will be teaching you how to create your own scatter cushion to take home, plus we will be having a little chat about why we do what we do. If you are coming then be ready to ask us as many questions as you want, about upholstery, paint, cushions and TV. Also any social media, marketing or business related questions too. 

Also I asked a few of my other friends if they could help us out with fabric and you never guess what, they said YES.  So this really will be a special and unique experience.

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the following people for there Very Kind support.


Jab Anstoetz

Colour & Form

Timorous Beasties



Bamber Sewing Machine Centre  for our Brother sewing machine 

Now I don’t do this very often but here it is, Plug time…

These workshops are very special and rare because you have, the two of us ready to answer any questions you have and teach you a new skill using our tried and tested techniques. Plus we have a great new hashtag to use which is #Heals2Cushion What do you think, its a good one, right?

Ok I’ll stop going on now, this is what happens when I’m excited. And I am very excited about these workshops.

Last few bits now…

Heal's Mailbox Birmingham

Heal's Redbrick Mill West Yorkshire

Below is some links to the workshops, we will be in Four, Yes Four Heal’s stores. Birmingham, West Yorkshire, Westfield (West London) and Brighton

Only two dates are up right now but if you are interested in the other locations (that are not up yet) leave a comment below and I will keep you informed.

Thank you so much for reading all of this.

Have a great week and we hope to see you real soon.