Inside Out Range

Now we’ve all heard that saying, bring the outdoors in. Which basically means build a conservatory allowing the greenery to enter into your house to add another dimension to your living experience.

Well as most of you know I’m dyslexic and my brain see’s and thinks the things in a completely different way. 

So I got to thinking why not bring the indoors outside.

Now I know this concept sounds very strange but bear with me and let me explain.

Sleek Editions who i’ve worked with on my Paris Range, introduced me to a waterproof fabric they have, and at first I wasn’t too sure how, or where I was going to use this but then it came to me. Why don’t i make beautiful furniture that can live outside. 

Well as some would say, this was a No Brainer and inevitable. A natural evolution of furniture. While taking about change I want to tell you about another new stage in my creative partnerships.

I have just  completed a hotel bedroom in Bridgnorth (Blog on the way but here is a few photos for now) and used some work from, a fine artist called Alyson Fennell. She takes some of the most beautiful photos of flowers I have ever seen, tell you what, just pop over to her website and and see what I’m talking about. 

Sorry to digress and now back to the story…

So teaming up with Alyson again to create my Inside Out Range made perfect sense. 

I create beautiful furniture for the inside of the house, and I thought why not do the same for outside of your house. So with that being said welcome to my new and exciting Inside Out Range, which lives outside but can come inside too. Looks good even when your not using it and the Biggest thing is, it’s waterproof. Fabulous for adding colour to a garden, patio or even a roof terrace or balcony. Giving a focal point and point of interest outside.

Our Inside Out Range is Beautiful Upholstered furniture, that can live outside. 

Look, I know I only have a table in this range right now and I could be jumping ahead of myself. But I’m working on benches to go with the table and some smaller tables, but i’m Soooooo excited about this Range I just had to tell you guys, and find out what you think.

So please go on tell me what you think.

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