Sometimes in life you need chaos to allow you to see tranquillity. 

Explain, I here you say. 

Well here I go… 

I had a full week ahead of filming and no time for anything else, so it came as a Big shock to learn I had to move out of my workshop by the weekend. 

I know that was tight on a average week but this week! It was very much like WoW, where am I going to go?

As I started looking for new places to house my many items I remembered I had promised a photographer from Canada to come and take photos of me in my space. 

Yes you heard me right Canada. Amy had messaged me on Instagram saying she wanted to take some photos of me in my workshop. And I just said yes with out looking into where she was from. So after a few messages had been exchanged I Then found out where she was from and I said “well this is not gonna happen then is it?”

She then replied  “I’m coming over to the UK in June, so we could get it sorted then.”

I was like ok cool but, I never knew I would be moving out, on the day we planned to do this. 

Ok, to cut to the chase Amy came and it was a Very Busy day, let me tell you but she set up and done her thing and then she left. 

I never looked at her website or photos she had taken before, I do the same thing when I’m working with young people. I don’t read their files from before which lets me view and work with them, with fresh eyes and no baggage. 

Well, you know what I wanna leave the last words to Amy, because the photos she has taken are beautiful. 

Have a read then look and tell us what you think, please.

“Well, here they are. These pictures tell a story of a moment in time - you illuminate the space on Berry Street that has held you for years. A place you came to 'lick your wounds', that ended up inspiring opportunity, healing creativity and connection. There is kindness in your eyes. And you fill the space with a grounded sense of wisdom, determination and warmth. I'm so glad that I reached out, one inspired day. Called by a creative whisper to just write to you. It was a trans-formative day and there was a beautiful moment of exchange that I'll treasure. Enjoy the journey of the pictures. I started with some of my favourites, but then it's sequential. I can't wait to hear your response. May this be the start of many good things :) "