Quite a few of you know I am dyslexic. But having such a disability that is still not recognised, invisible and misunderstood can be frustrating to say the least.

In a day an age where both physical and mental disabilities are recognised and society, is finally making allowances and adapting environments  to accommodate. I can only hope that dyslexia in time, can be accommodated for in the same way. 

I understand that we  communicate by email more and more, even people that sit next to each other in the same office, send an email to one another.

But for me, receiving an email takes planning. 

Yeah that’s right, if I receive an email I need to plan how I’m going to read it or get it spoken to me. I can’t just read it because my brain goes into, melt down. 

Luckily most computers have this option where you can get it to read any text out to you. This is very helpful and is the only way I can get to understand lengthy emails. 

On that note, let me just say.  Lengthy emails are my biggest nightmare.

I find reading emails Sooooo hard and it scares me, just the thought of doing it shakes my confidence until it turns to dust.

So I am saddened, disheartened and feel totally Alone when I continually receive lengthy emails from people I have informed, told (via email) and spoken to about what  is the best way to communicate to me. 

And to top it off they expect an immediate action or response which I cannot achieve. When they do this to me I think and say to myself “Really” 😳

I am certain if someone had a walking disability you would not dream of putting them at the bottom of a set of stairs to climb. This would just be silly.

In simple terms I would like to enable people to understand the struggle of someone with a hidden disability like dyslexia. 

Remember a phone call can be a easy and friendly solution.  

I am however optimistic that in this time of increased compassion and consideration backed with information Dyslexia will be recognised even though it will never be seen. 

Thank you for listening/ reading. 

Jay Blades4 Comments