My Motto

I have this motto I live my life by …

It’s basically to influence people that I am never ever going to meet. I do realise this is a very hard concept to get your head around, so I’ll say it again. 

But hold on before I do that, Just wait for a minute and let that thought dwell on you for a bit. 

I live to influence people that I will never ever meet. 

Had to say it twice because it’s that big. 

Let me try and explain.

Every action and inter reaction I have creates a ripple in the universe, that then has an affect upon someone, quite possibly  that I’ll never come into contact with. When I think about this it makes me feel so humble and it just fills my heart with joy and drives my vision and action.

With this in mind i will just clarify that …

Everything I do is Much bigger than the action I’m taking.

I do this kind of dynamic thinking with every action I take. It is much bigger than the actual action I’m taking right there and now, the consequences of my actions are so much bigger than my life. It fills me with heart felt warmth to even think about someone that I can have a positive effect upon and support their journey.

Okay Jay begin again, this is a bit deep, what you trying to say?

Ok here I go….

Simply put it’s like this. 

I mentor a few different groups of people some who are setting up their business’, other young people in need of support and in addition to this I also have a number of collaborations , that I can’t wait to tell you all about. But All these actions All help and support me on achieving the goal/  motto of my life and without them, it would be much harder.

So the main reason for the Blog is this, to motivate and inspire you to take an action that is will become much bigger than yourself by impacting the lives of others. Especially those people you are never going to meet.

Take Care


Jay Blades