Last week I had an operation to remove my gallbladder because it has been giving me so much pain for over a year now. 

I know what you’re gonna say or even thinking, why didn’t I get it sorted sooner. It’s a long story but it’s all sorted now so let’s stay on track. 

So I went in on Wednesday am and I was due to be out in the pm. 

Drum roll ..................

I got out on .................

Yes you guess it, I got out on the same Wednesday afternoon. Big Love to the NHS

Don’t worry this is not what I wanted to chat about, I’m most Focussed on the state the operation left me. 

Here we go and I hope you’re ready for this one. 

There is nothing like a bit of Vulnerability to make you realise how powerful you are. 

As I take time to recover and let my body find its new normalcy, I got thinking as to how Vulnerable I am right now and how powerful I was before and going to be, when I’m well again. 

As I walk I feel my insides moving and I mean Really moving. When I eat my food something Very weird happens after, my stomach chews it some more 😳 freaky. 

In life we only appreciate how incredible we are when our Vulnerabilities show us what we are missing. 

At this moment I am celebrating my, vulnerability but Don’t worry I won’t celebrate too much. 

So the mission for this blog is to get us all feeling very Vulnerable so we can start to think, believe and act in a way, that displays how truly powerful we are. 

So go on, get vulnerable. 

Jay Blades