Very Modern

Back in the day if I wanted to watch something on TV, I had to be at home or spend a good hour setting the VHS to record what I wanted to see later. 

In the 80's this was all the rage and very modern, but now it’s all about iPlayer or Netflix

Now I feel very cool and down with the kids (at 48 thats not bad) because I have shows on both these formats.

But now it’s not only simple to watch shows that you miss on a daily, basis and you don’t have to program the Betamax (you young ones have not got a clue, what I’m chatting about) it’s all done for you, now how cool is that?

On Netflix OK I apologise in advance here comes the plugs, on Netflix, Series 1  Money For Nothing is being shown mainly in America and Canada now that's a big look.

And on BBC iPlayer you have Series 1 and Series 2 of The Repair Shop.

Now personally speaking I don't know about you but I think that's something to shout about, So consider me shouting and now I ask you to get with the modern times and have a view.