Think Small

I am often asked about my television work and for me while being very enjoyable it is a means to an end, i know that might sound a bit ungrateful but let me explain.

My ambitions lies in helping people especially the youth and the most vulnerable in our society. This is what drives me to do what I do.

So many people today have challenges, feel that they have no hope and get lost in a system that seems to find them invisible.

The television is a great way to increase awareness to enable me to help those most in need and it may sound all grand (me being on TV) and out of most people’s reach but really it’s the opposite, to help others and inspire people you will never ever meet.

I like to start by saying think small.

Think about your neighbour or your local community and just make small steps to making what ever difference you can. 

In my local free newspaper I read a story that moved me. A family whose Son (Lucas Harris)  had suffered from a very young age of a rare disease. They were still trying to make a difference a year after him passing, by celebrating his 14th Birthday to raise money for charities, that have helped them.

After reading this I thought, Wow.  

Ok here was a family who have lost a child and still want to give back to others, I was so moved that I decided to try in my own way to help them.

So I decided to donate a chair for them to auction/raffle off to help raise much needed funds. 

Ok the family or myself have never done this before so bear with us.

The money raise from the sale of the chair will be going to two charities

Hope House

Birmingham's Children’s Hospital

You can bid for this chair via me on this email

In this day and age where we don’t always know our neighbours name it seems only right, to care for them. Care for the community in which we live and make a difference to those less fortunate than ourselves whenever we can.

So with this example in mind I hope you are inspired to back a worthy cause, doesn't have to be this one but one that is local to you as, everyone needs support. I would be very appreciative.

Jay Blades