Push Me

Some people will push you to get a reaction, mostly a negative one is what they are looking for but when someone pushes me I like to respond.

So let me explain...

If you shake a can of pop (don’t want to drop any name brands in there) for one minute then open it, you will get an instant reaction. This is the fizz and liquid going everywhere which would  makes a mess.

But if you shake a bottle of water for a minute, then open the lid you wouldn't see a reaction, only a response.

This is why I like to respond to every situation, it might take me a while to get there but at least I’m not gonna make a mess.  

Ok Jay, you are losing me, I can hear a few of you saying.

Let me explain but please bear with me.

Well I have to start with a thank you to all those people who seem to have taken inspiration from my work.

On a number of occasions I have seen a painted leg, a strategically placed button or a splash of colour that reminds me of my work. I am both flattered and humbled to think this reproduction started with my creativity. 

Being creative it is often the case that your work gets replicated or adapted to fit in with someone else’s design concepts. Some people may find this frustrating and react, especially if they are not credited or given any recognition. The way I look at it, is that it pushes me to think again, create a new feature and move forward. 

My senses need to be activated so I visit new places, I view things through fresh and hungry eyes. Then I relax, think and start the creative process which I love. This is not a chore for me but a very intense pleasure. So that is precisely why I say thank you to those who have copied me. Without these people it would be easy to standstill but there would be no progression or growth. I would then become complacent and that can make me tired. 

When I create something new I am excited and exhilarated. Because the thrill of the new and the energy that gives me. 

Ok, that’s all good Jay and very Buddha like but what about when you receive direct negative comments.

I have had so many emails asking me how to deal with work colleagues, family members and social media followers who are handing out negative comments on a regular basis 

The response I always give is, be a bottle of water.

I get a fair few negative comments come in about my work every week, and I thank these people for pushing me to see if I can practice what I preach. 

It can be challenging at times but I always remember the fizzy pop or bottle of water example, which gives me a chance to reflect, understand and give the perfect response to any negative comments. And sometimes that response is to do nothing.

I hope this is all clear and you feel pushed to respond (like a bottle of water) because I know I do, I'm so fired up with ideas, collaborations, projects and new products.

So I can't thank the people that have given a negative comment and copy my work enough because those guys have pushed me, to this beautiful place.

So once again I ask you to be patient and watch this space for the next ideas to emerge and there are so many coming.