Tell a Friend

The Repair Shop Series 2 has finished and I would just like to thank you for watching and enjoying. 

So now I would like to ask you to tell a friend to tell a friend. So what does that mean?  Series 1 of The Repair Shop starts on Monday. So could you please tell a friend to tell a friend that might not have seen it first time round to watch this wonderful show. 

Lovers of both Money For Nothing and The Repair Shop will understand that these shows have allowed us to create a community in private that becomes public that becomes private. (I am actually laughing as I put this down in text) and of course now I am asking you to make it public again. 

So if you are still with me and standing I will try to explain what may have just made you dizzy. 

To make this make sense I will expand. In private we film the shows. Then they are televised to make them public. But you view them in the comfort of your own home by yourself or often with the family. But as I said before I am now asking you to tell a friend to tell a friend, to make it public, Please.

The Repair Shop Series 1 repeated Monday 2nd April on BBC2 at 6.30pm and Money For Nothing Monday 2nd April on BBC1 at 3.40PM.

Jay Blades