Wish Me/ Us Luck

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. It’s been a few weeks now since my last blog. I’ve been working flat out and now I’ve stopped (for a few hours), I’m able to get one done.

Well, here I go...

I am so blessed to do the work that I do and be in 4 million people’s home. Don’t worry I haven’t sold that much furniture, yet. 😉

I am part of two very successful shows and both of them are starting new series’ this month.

Starting with The Repair Shop. The show has a brilliant cast, team and now friends that enjoy doing their craft in the real world, which makes filming it so easy. I have learnt so much during this process, it makes me smile when I look back at when we were filming. I think the viewers have warmed to this show because it makes you feel good about life, people, history and objects. So much so, we got 2 million people watching our Christmas episode.

WOW that’s a lot of people!

Now series two is about to start. I think this show is going to go from strength to strength (remember you heard it here first) and the numbers are only going to get bigger. If you watched series 1 then you know what to expect, but let me tell you this... The stories are beautiful, powerful, moving and they somehow add a very human touch back to TV. Being part of these stories was a real joy as we got a chance to play our part in restoring the past, for the future to enjoy.

Look, I’m not going to bore you with too much detail but another thing I did want to say about this show is, please watch it and tell me what you think.

It’s on BBC 2 tomorrow at 6.30pm.

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Thank You

Now on to Money for Nothing. This show also has 2 million people watching it in their homes. I just have to say when I filmed the pilot show with Sarah, I knew back then it was going to be a winner. I started out as an Artisan and now I am a presenter, it’s crazy (in a very good way). This show has set the benchmark for many others to follow (and let me tell you, there as so many shows coming up that use a very similar format).

Which I think is ok, this keeps us on our toes and oh boy have we been on our toes. The news series starts next week and let me tell you, you’re in for a real treat. We have pushed the bar and set the benchmark even higher but we haven’t just stopped there. We are filming a new series now and I tell you what (that’s right you guessed it), we have pushed the bar higher again. Well the proof is in the pudding, you tell me what you think when you see it.

BBC 1 Monday 19th at 3.45pm.

So if you don’t mind could you wish me /us good luck as we go on the journey, entertaining you. 

Take care


Jay Blades