Give A Smile

The other day I did something that we all do. No now hold on I should have said what most of us do on a daily basis.

What is it?  I hear you say.

I opened a cupboard in the kitchen (see I told you most of us do this) and smiled.

I bet you’re thinking, what was in the cupboard that brought a smile to your face?

Well let me tell you....

As I open the cupboards it took me back to when I was a child and I done the same thing. The only difference being when I was a kid, looking in the cupboards wouldn’t always bring a smile to my face.

As a child looking into the cupboards didn’t bring a smile because of the lack of food in the cupboards.

I’m not saying I’m living like Henry the 8th but there were two things in there which made me feel blessed.

To open a cupboard (which for some is a very simple thing) and be humbled by what you have, is for some of us knowing where you are from and never forgetting that.

At this time of the year, food plays a Big part in many households but in some, it plays a very tiny role.

Food banks are one of the UK’s fastest growing charities and the reason is. The cost of living for some if not many, puts food way down on the list of priorities.

This blog is not here to make you feel bad, it’s just that when I opened my cupboard, this thought hit me and I wanted to just highlight this fact.

Ok I’ll try and bring the mood up a bit.

Back to the cupboard.

The reason I smiled (when I open the cupboard) was because there was items in there that I wanted to eat. They was only two packets of crisps but they made me feel so grateful for having that choice.

Sometimes in life, the smallest thing can make you realise or take you back to your past to enable you to really appreciate your present.

We all live day to day and I know for one, I have my good days and bad days.  The bad or tough times make us strive for better and appreciate the good. 

At this time of year it is especially important to reach out, help out and be thoughtful of those who are experiencing more of the bad than the good.

Let’s hold a thought for those who are not even lucky enough to have a cupboard let alone a kitchen.

I will be going the extra mile for sure and I just hope you guys can too. 

Because to see a smile is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others.