2018 has only just started and I have only gone and done it….

‘What have you gone and done? Go on tell us.’

Well it’s not as simple as me just telling you, I have to give you the back story. So make sure you are sitting down with a cup of tea/coffee because I really want you to get this. 

Well for many years I have loved and admired a number of chairs made by British Manufacturers, so when you get a chance to work on one of your dream chairs like I have, well nothing I know could be better.

So let me put it another way, after looking at this chair and I mean really standing back and looking at it, I haven’t stopped thinking about it and smiling.

Well have you guessed it?

Drum roll please…….

The chair is the G Plan 6250 Chair, also commonly known as the ‘James Bond’ Chair originally launched in 1962.

Possibly one of the most famous chairs ever to be captured on celluloid, that is super villain Blofeld’s chair in the Bond movie You Only Live Twice (1967)

Since it was discontinued in 1982, original models are highly collectable today and remain popular re-upholstery projects. In fact, G Plan received so many requests to reintroduce the chair that in 2012 they launched G Plan Vintage. As part of this collection and to celebrate their 60th Birthday, the iconic armchair known as ‘The World’s Most Comfortable Chair’  – the 6250. This was reintroduced as ‘The Sixty Two’ which encapsulates the very best of the original design but has been re-engineered using the latest materials and techniques so that it captures that same level of quality and comfort that the original was renowned for, but also stands the test of time in the modern home.

Well as you can tell, I really like this chair so when a customer asked me to work on a couple of family heirlooms, I jumped at the chance.

He had his heart set on a Timorous Beastie Birds N Bees fabric, which you know I love and use a lot. The fabric he picked was ..... one way to put it BOLD, which makes it very tricky to place, to enable you show the best of the designs. 

Ok I know what you are thinking, show us the chair then!!!

Well I love a drum roll and this one will last about a week. A Week I hear you say, yes a Week. 

For this week and this week only, my thoughts of the day will have snippets of the chair and then the blog next week will be the follow up with photos and videos of this wonderful creation. 

Jay Blades