Mini Me

Well, in life we all need a bit of support and this is me asking for just that. I am looking for an Intern that could make my life a lot easier... Please?

I am dyslexic and find it hard to reply so many emails and messages I'm getting on a daily basis. So here is the things I need support with:


Social Media

New Campaigns

New Projects - Top Secret


In return, I will be offering:


Painting Tips

Upholstery outpost

Wood finishing

How to Redesign

Buying and using fabrics

How to use colour

How to up-cycle

Setting up your own business

How to take great photos

Finding and identifying great furniture

How to sell your work


Basically... learning how to become a mini me.

With all this being said, I have come to realise that I need someone very local to Wolverhampton. I want to train this person up to become their own boss with knowledge I have.

This is a great opportunity for someone. You don’t have to be young, all you have to be is willing to learn. 

If you know anyone please let them know!


They can send me their CV's to

Thank you

Jay Blades