Fridge Door Gallery

Sometimes in life you do something that makes you smile from the inside and if you are able to see & touch it, then thats just the cherry on top of the cake. 

Sometimes when I'm in the workshop, I make something then when I stand back to have a look, it makes me dance, smile and want to tell the world look what I have made. 

If you have children you properly understand this feeling. It’s just like when your child brings home their first bit of undescribable artwork, their little face of joy, happiness and delight, warrants you putting it on the fridge gallery. 

This is exactly how I feel about this pair of Ercol Wingback armchairs, they are so rare and special, that the fabric had to be very outstandingly beautiful, striking and make a statement.

So in my day to day work I have to keep an eye out for, new fabrics, ideas and trends. So when I came across Arlette Ess’ work I thought WOW! I want to find out more, touch, see and work with her fabrics. Plus it would be perfect fit for my rare finds and I’m the kind of person that if I see something I want, I go for it full steam ahead. I sent her an email right away and made contact with Arlette Ess, after talking for a bit we decided we would be a perfect fit all we needed was some chairs. As my mind was not focussed on the two Ercol chairs (mostly thinking about fabric) they were not my 1st choice but the more we spoke they became the perfect choice.

So the plan was hatched, fabric was on it’s way to Wolverhampton and the Ercol’s were been stripped so the work could commence. I was excited and this is the best way to start a new project.

Well I got the fabric and the work had started to look and take a beautiful shape. A few days had passed and you never guess what? 

We gave birth to, two beautiful (not twins) chairs and just like the artwork these were destined for the fridge Gallery. I was and am so happy about our artwork I needed a giant fridge gallery for grown-ups and what better place then Decorex. 

With a rich heritage of 40 years, Decorex is internationally renowned for being the destination where interior design professionals discover the finest and most coveted luxury products from new, emerging and established talent.

Now that’s a Big fridge door, don’t you think?

Well from the 17th- 20th of September you can see, touch and photograph these two chairs on stand number K50.

But for now, please let us know what you think of them please.

Jay Blades