I Want to See More

A few months ago I attended an award ceremony for Diffusion and Twenty9 staff awards.  As I have come to Wolverhampton and been welcomed in by a particular family I was then introduced to all of the staff of the companies that they run. 

To my surprise I received an award which I was really not expecting. As I was called up on stage to accept it I realised that as part of receiving this award it merited my journey of the last two years to be mentioned and certain people to be thanked. 

It was then It suddenly dawned on me just how far I had come in the last two years and how many successes I had achieved. 

These successes included working on ITV This Morning, Channel 4 Gok's Fill Your House for Free. Lloyd's Bank campaign. Becoming a presenter on BBC 1's Money for Nothing and most recently presenting BBC 2's The Repair Shop. All this alongside building the Jay & Co brand, working for private customers and some corporate work too. 

As I received my award from my new adopted brother I said to him

"I've done good, haven't I?"  He replied "Yes Jay, but I want to see more!"

My immediate reaction was "You what! You want more?"

"I think you can achieve much more than you have already achieved ", he said.

For the rest of that evening I thought long and hard about what he said and found myself totally agreeing with him. So here is a little bit of me doing more.

A few weeks ago I was given an opportunity by helping a friend who was embarking on a new project as a Blogger. This opportunity allowed me to experiment with fashion photography. This was somewhat out of my comfort zone. 

I was set a brief which made me smile. In a nutshell the brief was her fashion pictures were to be focused on the detail rather than the picture as a whole. This instantly made total sense to me as the usual pictures I see make me feel quite deflated. I wanted my pictures to bring a new element to fashion. But Detail Darling gave me an opportunity to create something new, fresh, simple, sexy and inclusive. 

Rather than me bang on about it please view the photo's below and tell me what you think. And finally to my new adoptive brother, this is the beginning of the More...