Well, when you get to my age… 47 and rising, you really have to look at what you’re putting inside your body.

When you do fitness or body building they always say that, getting things right i.e changing your body shape, 80% is due to what you eat. So the gym or physical exercise is only 20%. As I am a trained personal trainer, I should know better and not put junk into my body but I am guilty and have done it.

So a few months back I started juicing again and really watching what I put inside me, mainly because I wanted to see a different output (my body shape).

In the morning I would have a ginger shot - consisting of, half an apple with a hand full of ginger juiced

Then I do my breakfast juice:

4 sticks of celery 

1 hand full of ginger

1 pineapple

1 fennel 

And lately I have been adding in:

1 Beetroot 

1 Cumber

I just wanted to say, I feel really good for what I am doing but doing all this means nothing if I go and have a KFC at lunch time, right?

Well I’m not saying anything apart from, lets move on…

If you know anything about me you would know that I love to mentor young people to reach their dreams. So with this in mind I started supporting Nadia (photo below) a young food entrepreneur.

Food is her passion and she love’s playing around in the kitchen creating new and exciting recipes. It wasn’t until a friend asked her to cook some lunches on a regular basis, then realised she could start cooking healthy meals for everyone. And so ‘Feast’ began…

Feast’ is a Wolverhampton based vegetarian and vegan lunch service that delivers delicious, nutritious food that you and your body will love. Each meal is designed to create a culinary journey in your mouth using fresh, beneficial and colourful ingredients. It is our mission to provide tasty, honest food at an affordable price. Each week a new menu is sent out making sure you have a well-balanced zesty lunch.

When Nadia asked if I would support her and the business plus push her in the right direction, I said of course I would. Now don’t forget my new found love for my insides, I was thinking from a very selfish viewpoint.

Nadia is a very brave lady starting a vegetarian and vegan food business in an area where they just LOVE Gregg’s.

Her themed dinning experiences are so cool and would sell out in London but here in Wolverhampton, our work is cut out BUT I just love the challenge.

The reason for this blog is twofold: 

One - is to tell you “take care of your insides”

Two - never give up on your dreams no matter, how hard they my seem to be achieved.

Nadia has a really cool event coming up, here is a Link