They said YES!

One of the Biggest reasons for me doing what I do, is to support young people and show them there is a different way to do things. Just because you are from a poor background doesn't mean things have to stay that way, anything is possible, with the right support and mind set, you can achieve your dreams. 

Over the years I have supported so many people, be that young people, parents, single dads, young and older entrepreneurs & just about any body that would listen to my advice. The one thing that has helped me to help: support people was and is the support I have had in MY corner. Without people supporting me I would never have the strength to do what I do. So to those that know who they are 🙏🏽 Thank You. 

Ok jay where are you going with this blog. 

Well 😊 I'm gonna tell you.  

The focus here is talking about support....... I need your support to make this work. 

What to work i hear you ask? Every Thursday I highlight a charity with Thumbs Up Thursday. This process needs additional support in order to spread the love even further around the UK., from my friends within the industry. 

Previously I informed you, that I had asked some of my friends to give me a helping hand. Well I'm so proud to be able to show and tell you Who's taking part and giving back to their community or charity dear to them. 

Each month a person or/ group will be given a stool to redesign, which will then be up for sale/auction and all the profits going to their chosen charity. 

Click on the photos below and see who's onboard, please do let me know what you think.

This is such a great opportunity in so many ways

  1. To support a charity 
  2. To own a beautiful bespoke item
  3. To take part and make a difference helping others and in turn experience the feel good factor.
Jay Blades