If You Don't Ask

My Mum told me years ago “If you don’t ask you don’t get” and when it comes to asking, I most definitely do.

“What you talking about Jay”, I hear you say.

:-) Well let me explain

My friends down at DesignJunction, which is London’s leading destination for design during the annual London Design Festival. DesignJunction is a show for the industry, by the industry, with a global presence in three key design cities; London, Milan and New York.

“Jay i still don’t get it” `Ok ill get to the point

Last year the DesignJunction team decided to give me some donations of furniture. Let me just stop here for a minute to tell you about these items. 

I have been given a good number of stools called Noughts & Crosses, designed by Michael Sodeau and manufactured by Modus

Well for a year I have been thinking how I could best use these, as DesignJunction said, “you can have them as long as you do some charitable aims with them”.

So a year later, (I know I’ve been a bit busy) i’m so happy to chat a little bit about my plans.

I have asked some of my friends, in the industry if they would help me out and you know what, they have said YES. So my Mum was right.

What have they said yes too?

Well I asked some people like Gok Wan, Kate Watson-Smyth and Sophie Robinson (to name a few, loads more to follow in next blog) if they would redesign the stool and then auction it, with all the money going to their chosen charity.

What do you think about that, Its Really Good Right?

July will see the start of this project, so watch this space.

I’m so excited!

Jay Blades