Be Bold

Hello, I hope you had a great weekend. 

This blog is all about being bold and I think we all need to do that from time to time. 

The current trend is to use bold, tropical print. I have used a few in the past and I must say I really do enjoy placing them onto furniture and watching it instantly come alive. But rather than chatting about the fabric I want to tell you about a young person who was both courageous and bold to me. 

Friday just gone, like most people I decided to eat out. I went to a restaurant that had been reviewed in a local newspaper and it was under new management. I decided to support this new venture and was looking forward to a new experience. To cut a long story short I ordered lamb chops. As I cut into them I could see they had been cooked rare. Now I don't mind a bit of blood but these were still walking. So I called the young man over who served me to take it back to the kitchen. To kill and cook the lamb for me please. (Only joking but there was a lot of blood). 

A few minutes later the young man returned with my plate and an apology. I started to tuck in and I noticed there was still blood, coming out. Ever the optimist, I cut into another one and much to my surprise that one was full of blood as well. 

I then asked the young man for the bill, he then said "was everything ok" I replied "no, it's not". As I settled up the bill the young man asked a question which was a very brave thing to do. He asked "would you give us some feedback as to what we could have done better, please?"

I explained how I was not happy when it came out the first time because of the blood, so I sent it back to be cooked. When it came back the second time it was still full of blood. In my opinion it is the job of a chef to cook the food how the customer wants it, not how the chef just decides it should be cooked.  At the end of the meal the young man asked would you be coming here again? I then replied

"Before you had asked that question my reply would have been no. But now I will return as you have asked and been bold enough to listen to what I have said about my experience, snd taken it on the chin".

So I thank that young man and I ask you all to ........

Be bold, ask the questions that you don't want to hear the answer to but you know you need to hear in order for you to grow, develop and move forward. 

Fabric by

Badgers of Bohemia

Jab Anstoetz

Terrarium Designs

Timorous Beasties

Jay Blades