It's All About Me!

It's all about me! No really hear me out because this insight into me may well be beneficial to you too.

I don't know much about much but I do know, how too work hard and relax when relaxation is necessary and deserved.

Well I've been working flat out, like 7days a week and I'm not gonna get a break until Saturday, but listen I'm not complaining. But I do need to address this issue with some much needed Me time.

I do need to rest up, every now and then. So last week on Tuesday I did just that. An hour and a half of me time, R & R. I took myself off to recharge my batteries in a floatation tank and the BIG bonus was, it's in Wolverhampton.

Floatation therapy is good for the mind and body. Especially soothing and therapeutic for my problematic back. I guess the message today is short and sweet. Find the key to enable your body and mind to recharge, this will enable you to continue with a busy schedule and enable you by giving some time to yourself, the ability to continue to give your best to your work and also to the people that need your support. 

Find your way to relax and put yourself first every once in a while, to improve your work and your overall demeanour.

I hope this proves to be positive for you too. Finding time for you.