Woolly Scarf

Good morning all, hope you had a good weekend. 

Ok are you sitting down? Right now I want to talk about, pastel tones. 

What do you know about pastel shades? I hear you say. Well I'll have you know that when I create anything I'm always thinking about, how and where it's going to sit. 

But I bet you would have never thought you would have heard or see me talking about pastel colours. Well here I go, I love wearing pastel shades because I find them very soothing (I know that sounds a bit fluffy but hold on). As you can see from my photos, my Sunday clothes are more towards the softer side of the colour wheel and this is how I relax. 

Well I think its only natural that the colours of this family are usually described as "soothing", "soft", "near neutral", "milky", "washed out", "desaturated" and this also comes into our homes.

Back in the day, almost every home had Magnolia everywhere and I really mean everywhere! It was used to sell homes as the buyers could see a blank canvas, when they looked into a room. This did work but the only problem was many people didn't end up putting their own stamp on their home. When it became time to sell the home, Estate Agents advised sellers to get the tin of Magnolia out. Don't worry this blog is not tips on selling your home, its more about the way colours work. 

For me, and you might be shocked to hear this but I really like Magnolia and I think pastel colours are the new Magnolia. What I mean by saying that is pastel tones allow everything else to shine. 

Pastel shades in the house are all the rage now and I'm so happy about this because the ‘bright in your face’ tones we use need a backdrop that can handle them. Keeping a balance, giving warmth, just like a nice warm soft woolly scarf, nice. 

So when you're now thinking about which tones to place with another, remember the woolly scarf, or my Sunday outfits. 

Have a great week!

Jay Blades