Creative Juices

You didn't know this but last week it was National Stationery Week. I know... I didn't even know there was such a thing! Well I was in need of some inspiration as I've been working flat out and I had a spare two hours to get my creative juices flowing again. So I made my way down to the Business Design Centre over in Islington, to a fair for people that sell stationery to the trade. In other words business to business and not business to consumer. There was so much there it was unbelievable!  I have taken a few photos but they really don't do it justice, it was a really good show and I met some really interesting people there. I also got a chance to make myself, my very own fountain pen which I've been using this weekend, as you can see in some of the photos. 

By getting out I learnt a few things. One being to get your creative juices flowing simply just step out of your comfort zone or switch off from work mode. Get yourself into a park or anywhere that enables you to be inspired by what you see around you or the people that you meet. 

This blog is a short one really and is to encourage you and motivate fresh, creative ideas by looking at things that you might not know of. The point is simple. Do something different this week, it worked for me. 😊

I'll give you a head's up, this week London Craft Week starts. Click on the link and check out what's going on then, get yourself do there.

Jay Blades