Negativity… is there really a need?

Negativity… is there really a need for it in this day and age?

Seems the answer to my question is yes, there is every need for it. Some people thrive off giving negativity out to people and criticising ideas. Now I am in the public eye, I get my fair share of negativity too and I love it. Don't worry I have not lost the plot… now let me tell you why.

I came from a very poor background and if anybody has a reason to be negative it's me. From being beaten up by the police, to getting called all the racist names one could ever think of at secondary school. 

I could sit here complain and moan about all the bad things that happened to me in my life but really where is that going to get me? I always do my best to see a positive with every negative situation that comes my way. 

The other day I received an email from someone who said that they had joined a group on Facebook, which was called friendly. Don't worry this is not about naming and shaming people. But she was concerned with some negativity with regard to my work. She had also received abuse from some of the members as she defended me, I found this alarming.

I felt quite sad about this as someone was trying to defend my work and receiving abuse for doing so. This is what has inspired me to write this blog and take the actions I am about to take. 

I have tried to join the group but I don't think they want me in there as my request has not been accepted. Not to worry I know some of the members of this group actually follow me on Facebook so hopefully they might read this blog which they have inspired.

So it's a fresh start to another new chapter.

The new chapter ... so what that means is everything I post up is going to start with a background giving you some history and some content. Also I will be there to answer any questions with regards to my work or why I picked a particular fabric. Those interested people just simply need to ask and I will explain. 

I would just like to say to all the people that have spoken negatively about my work, I thank you. Really you guys have inspired me to take the next step forward and to give more information and allow people to question challenge and understand why I do what I do.

I started this blog by asking is there a need for negativity in this day and age? I think there is as long as it sparks positivity as a response.

So as I go on this quest of positivity, I will keep smiling.