This is Real

WOW now that was a week!

If you didn’t know already I’ve been on TV featuring on Money for Nothing BBC1. To top that off, I have also been on BBC2 a show called The Repair Shop. Two shows, two stations in one day, can you believe it? I couldn’t, but yeah it was real so as I got to the end of watching Money for Nothing… which I enjoyed, much to my surprise (it’s very weird seeing yourself on TV) a lady came on and said “Jay Blades will be on BBC2 later on today”. That’s when it hit me, THIS IS REAL and such an achievement for someone like me, I’ve come from very humble beginnings.

I don’t like watching myself on TV as I think it might make my head and ego a bit too big and I’ll be unable to fit into my car. I was told told to look at what I do to make me better, so for the first time I watched with my learning eyes on and I must say “I need to work on a few things”.

The other thing that was really nice last week was some of the feedback I received, I’ve only picked out a handful so apologies if you’re not included but it all means a lot to me.  

Victoria Seymour  You are the kind of presenter who turns the TV into a friend to those who are lonely and isolated. I love seeing you work and the inspired way your turn junk into items of modern beauty. It's also interesting to see how you will add the Jay signature.

Annie Franklin I've been so inspired watching you work on the show, I absolutely love Ercol and I do a lot of upcycling myself. What you do with colour is sensational 😊. I have to say you were great presenting the show, hope you do more as you you fit the role perfectly.

Jane Thomas I really enjoyed your presenting Jay. You are a natural You and Sarah complement each other and will keep the show fresh. Spray paint is easiest for Lloyd Loom in my experience. It's a beautiful but frustrating texture.

Cathy Macbride Overheard a customer yesterday telling her friend how good your programme was. Think her friend will be another fan after hearing us both talking about daffodil phones and clocks and brilliant experts and ..... well you get the idea

judith2867  I loved it. As a presenter you come across very natural. I loved the concept of the show and was surprised how well all the human interactions worked. And all the stories were lovely.

triflerabbit  Watching you right now and absolutely LOVE it ❤️❤️❤️ You and all of the other inspirational *repairers* are fabulous and amazing and I love you all 😍😍😍

melbeehat  Just watching it on catch up. Really enjoying it and amazed at the skill of those involved 😊

A review from the Independent Newspaper

The Repair Shop website


Have a great week

Jay Blades