Love of Food

If you know me, you would know I like a few things... like clothes, music, life and food. I just love the stuff and I could sometimes have six meals a day just to keep me going. I think I've got a high metabolism or something.

Well, as food plays a major part in all our life's, I thought I'd give a few minutes on a blog about it. 

I go through phases with food like when I was filming The Repair Shop, almost every night I would have a chicken Caesar salad. Now I'm filming Money for Nothing, I'm having an avocado, almost everyday. I don't know why this happens but if I like something, I keep eating. A bit like my clothes, if I like something and it fits me just right, I buy 2 or 3 of them, ok enough of that back to the food. 

So on most Saturday's I like to sit down and reflect upon what's happened to me in the last week and also at the same time, get my eat on.

There is a lovely little place in Codsall which is near Wolverhampton, called Village Coffee. They do a MEAN scrambled egg and smoked salmon so I decided to have that with a round of stacked pancakes with bacon and syrup of course, after all I am civilised. 

I know some of you are probably saying "WOW that's a lot of food for one man." Well after that I normally go back into the workshop and don't come back out until, 3pm. So I need to keep those energy levels up, plus I'm a growing lad, all 47 years young of me. 

Ok back to the food, I keep drifting off lately, must be the food. 

Village Coffee is a very busy place and don't like waiting around for my food, so getting my timing right is so important. So as soon as the doors open for business, I'm there. 

This is not a blog to promote their shop, they are very good at doing that already. It's more about letting you know how I relax (before work again) and share my love of food with you. 

So on that note, I'm gone but I do have some photos for you to enjoy. 

Have a great week. 


Jay Blades