2 years ago I came to Wolverhampton with just the clothes on my back and not a penny to my name. I was not in a good space but I'm a great believer that in life, sometimes we need to go backwards to enable us to move forward. And this was a part in my life I needed to do just that. 

A friend of mine (who has now become my brother from another mother) picked me up and supported me, when I needed it most. I remember him saying one thing to me that stuck with me and has kept me focussed as I moved forward. 

What did he say, I bet that's what you're saying right now?

Well what he said was "I'll be here to support you until you get back on your feet but for now there is a project I think you might be useful on". Ever the hard worker, he began to tell me about a project he wanted me to help him out with, not even seeing how low I was (at the time) he just needed to get me moving forward.

He was and is a man of his word, all you have to do is look at how far I've come. Don't worry this blog is not to chat about our bromance but on the other hand it's about hard work. Confused, well let me explain. 

As well as the support, I watched my Brother progress and learnt from him all the time and let me tell you this, he works so hard it's a joke. So rather than just get the support and sit down, I went to work. 

Don't get me wrong everyone that knows me would tell you, I'm a work horse when I'm ready. 

So I dusted myself off (from the hard times I had just been through) and set up my workshop with a vision to put Me and my Dream (I'll tell you about that one day) back on the map. 

Along with work ethic, one also needs to see and feel a sense of emotion, compassion, love & belonging. Without this it's all work and no play. I don't like going into my private life mainly because it's private. I feel the need to acknowledge the people that have supported me on my emotional side with care, love and 100% acceptance. You know who you are and I thank you eternally because you have allowed me to dream again.

Two years of hard work is starting to pay off. Let me tell you why and yes this is the bit where, I blow my own trumpet so here it goes.

This week I will be presenting two shows on BBC1 3.45pm, Wednesday & Thursday, Money for Nothing. 

Then next week from Monday 27th of March I will be in a show called "The Repair Shop" BBC2 6.30pm, every night for 3 weeks. 

This is such an achievement from where i was two years ago, I just needed to tell someone and I hope you will do the same, watch out here it comes. 

This is where I need you to do something for me, don't worry it's easy. 


The same way I received supported me, I need you to do the same for me, Please.

Can you please tell a friend to tell a friend about my shows? 


Jay Blades