What’s in the Box?

I turned 47 the other week and I said to my self “you’re 3 years away from 50, so lets make the best of it”. I’m not saying its all over at 50 but sometimes you’ve got to count your blessings. Live everyday like its your last! I’ve just finished 7 weeks of filming and I’m about to start filming for a new show for the next 90 days. Most people believe TV is glamorous but living out of a bag, in different hotels and driving long journeys between locations is far from it. The best part of TV is watching it on the sofa with your family, friends and a warm cup of tea… now that’s what I call glamorous! But of course, I am not complaining as I am so very fortunate to be experiencing this rare opportunity. I always make sure to make the most of this type of work as I know I am fortunate so I want to enjoy it while it lasts whilst being and doing the best that I can at every moment. I am very excited about the upcoming show because I will be working with celebrities, now I’ll leave you to wonder who they might be?! Sorry it’s a short blog today but it’s busy day ahead and here comes the next journey.


The BIG question is “What’s in the Box?”

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