A Moan for Action

A few days ago, I was working with a young person and being an active role model, which basically means rather than telling a young person how they should be living their life or what they should be doing. I just show them by being an real life example. 

On this day we had a few things we had to do within the community, the main one was to help clear out a shed of a widow in her 80s. The shed had a lot of bric a brac which she has collected over the years. There was even some stuff from world war 1, I know it's amazing right. Inside her house, she also had a room that her husband used, for his tailoring. We had to take apart his work desk and remove a lot of heavy things which she was unable to manage to take to the dump. 

I believe that doing this kind of work with a young person teaches them an experience that you can never duplicate in a classroom, whereby helping someone gives you a sense of wellbeing, fulfilment and connection to the community they live in. I knew the young person had gained quite a lot of joy out of this and I knew this without him telling me because he did something that mainly young children do when they are happy, and it is very rare to see someone age 14 do this. What do you think it is?...

Some of you mothers might have guessed it and you are right, he skipped. By then, we had made 2 trips to the dump, got rid of so many unwanted items, and he decided to skip back to the truck with a smile on his face after he had lifted many heavy items. This young person did not say much throughout the day but this action, said so much to me.

This is a lovely and wonderful display of happiness, most children do this when they are happy but very rare from a teenager. (Would you agree parents?)

Why is this a Monday moan I hear you say?

The reason this is a Monday moan is because when is the last time you have seen a young person skip? I want to see more young people skipping and I mean skipping without a rope - skipping from happiness? Is that not what we are all searching for - happiness that is, not the latest gadget?  

So my moan is when is the last time you skipped, helped someone to skip or give someone the reason to skip? Throughout this week, if you can, make someone skip, if not physically then mentally. 

This blog is a moan with a difference, more like a Moan for Action. 

Have a great week.

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