I Get By ........

I get by with a little help from your friends.

Well what’s new?  

As I stated in my last blog JnCoUpdate, 2018 will bring a new collection involving collaboration.

I will admit my needlecraft skills are a little rusty so what better than to join forces with one of the best Simion at Reloved Upholstery.

I have to say I have a particular attention to detail and when I get an idea I like to see it formed as I imagine. Fair play to Simion he got it first time but as I am sure many people will understand that didn’t stop me explaining in Full a few times 🙈.  And keeping a close hold on the reins until the masterpiece was created. All thanks and credit to Simion’s talent, skill and attention to detail for creating a masterpiece on a classic Ercol sofa.

It’s hard to watch someone create your dream. I am used to being hands on and to relinquish that control to another craftsman is difficult. But Simion was definitely the perfect choice and with this being a collaboration it was important for my idea to be executed by him.

And after thought I realised that customers allow me the freedom and trust me to create their dream piece everyday and this was my opportunity to be brave enough to allow someone to create my vision into my dream piece. 

It is important in life to trust the ability of others and have faith in the process, experience and the end results.

So once again ladies and gentlemen over to you for your critique. 

A big thank you to the customer who has been brave enough to have allow me to have fun with her sofa that she will enjoy for many years to come. Also I must say Thank you to Simion who has listened so carefully to my constant direction and created this piece. 

Finally I feel grateful that this experience has inspired me to keep moving forward and i will be launching a new range called “Paris” in 2018 and let me tell you this, its gonna be special. 

Jay Blades