Humble Beginnings

From Very Humble Beginnings...

My story is complex and started in what most people would describe as a under privileged community.

My recent journey has proven that through hard and often testing times and a pathway littered with many ups and downs, good or even great things can happen.

This week a statistic blew me away. That there was 2 million people are watching little old me on Money for Nothing on an afternoon on BBC One. Wow really 2 Million!!! It feels unbelievable and something that even I haven’t dreamt about.

Then tomorrow 7pm on BBC Two I will be in the Christmas Special of The Repair Shop, along with my co-host Kirsten Ramsay, William Kirk, Steven Fletcher, Dominic Chinea, Stephen Kember, Amanda Middleditch, Lucia Scalisi, Julie Tatchell and Brenton West. No excuses you should be watching or taping it. Now this show has a team of experts that work super hard to repair broken family heirlooms.

When Something has been broken the memory is lost, but when something is repaired, new and old memories are recreated. 

Furthermore I am appearing in this years Christmas edition of the Radio Times. This is a publication that in my lifetime has always been a must in my household around Christmas. And this year there I am on page 77 of the Radio Times. Just astonishing that this household favourite is featuring me and most probably sat in 65,000 homes on a kitchen table or coffee table in the lounge.

This really isn’t me blowing my own trumpet but an example that we can all dream and do bigger. Who knows what we can strive to achieve. It is also an example that the harder you work the luckier you seem to be.

2017 has been astonishing in so many ways. My career has inspired me to give back and encourage everyone to believe that anything is possible and you can surprise yourself at the heights that can be achieved.

I guess the remit is, it’s never a negative where you begin it’s where you are going and where you finish that matters most. 

Keep going, stay focused and remember you can...

Jay Blades