Cool or Tacky?

Well it’s another first for me and of course I would like to share this with you guys.

Now I will be the first to admit that I am a dedicated follower of fashion and furniture of course but football is not really on my radar.

So it was by customer request that the first football theme chair will be created.  The chair is a classic Parker Knoll Wingback. I feel a sigh from all those who are in the know.

The team is Aston Villa with their striking home colours of claret and blue. A cool  combination for a classic piece.

When i was asked if I could do a football chair,  My instant response (to the customer's request) was I am not too sure because in my experience the ones I have seen can be a bit tacky. So we both agreed this chair would have to be my interpretation of what a football chair should look like. 

Any piece we redesign must be a bold statement piece with the ability to fit alongside a variety of designs or settings. 

The fact is the commercial outlets such as DFS, Furniture Village and IKEA often take a substantial quantity of space in a large number of households. Therefore my furniture needs often to compliment or compete within the domestic and commercial environments where they are placed.

But the overriding factor is they must look stylish, classic and eye catching. They must also be able to have longevity and stand the test of our ever changing times, within interiors. 

So back to this Football Chair. I like to think all boxes have been ticked and this chair is a stylish classic. 

Well that’s what I think. And needless to say the customer is over the moon. 

So now it's up to you guys what do you think, is is Cool or Tacky?

Jay Blades