Thank You


Well as you know I am taking a break so in some ways it's the end of my year.  With that in mind I just wanted to take some time to say some BIG thank you's.

So in no particular order but with equal sincerity I would like to say A BIG THANK YOU to ...

All the followers that have watched my journey and supported me. A special mention to those that have backed me when negative comments have been sent my way. You do not have to do this but your loyalty and support has been much appreciated and I thank you. There are always negative people and we can do nothing about this but we can always endeavour to stay positive ourselves. 

My next thank you is to family and friends that have been patient in my absence but understood my workload and have supported me in so many different ways. 

Lastly to my many work colleagues that have turned into friends, taught me so much, given me opportunity to grow and made this year extremely enjoyable.  I am a newbie to this filming malarkey but the patience, knowledge and support I have been given has been both enlightening and priceless. 

In layman's terms I have been a sponge in 2017, listening to information and instruction and absorbing it all. In 2018 I will squeeze myself so you will see that I have listened, taken onboard, improved and developed to another level. 

So A BIG THANK YOU to you all, you know who you are. 

Jay Blades