Marks, Get Set, .......

Well after 2 weeks of rest and relaxation the dream holiday was nearly over.

Having sat on a flight for around six hours I eventually fell asleep. I woke suddenly feeling quite sick. My initial reaction was to get myself to the toilet ASAP. 

My account after this is sketchy to say the least. I came out and stumbled into an air steward and collapsed on the floor unconscious.

Yes I fainted, due to a low blood pressure.

When I can around I couldn’t believe how lucky I had been. The space I had fell into was so small with danger at every point. Metal cupboard handles, metal boxes and the aircraft door. But aside from falling onto my shoulder I seemed unhurt.

But as I say lucky there was a doctor who had been on the flight at my side. A very accomplished and reassuring cabin crew with hot sugary tea, biscuits and a hot water bottle, blanket, a pillow and plenty of soothing words. All allowing me to make a speedy recovery.

Sometimes in life we do not fully appreciate our health until we are ill. In addition to this when we take a fall we can appreciate when we are not seriously injured how lucky we can be. 

I have to add I had been to church that week where the congregation had blessed and prayed for me. It has to be a thought that my lucky escape seems like someone was looking after me.

So today I am thankful and feel grateful, lucky and blessed. 

Thank you to the Airline crew, the lady doctor who came to my aid and checked my blood pressure and last but by no means last, Thank You to the elders at the church for blessing me.

Here’s to the beginning of another great week. Marks, Get Set, Go

Be thankful for your health, shoulders and people praying for you.

Jay Blades