Finish Line

I can see the finish line...

At the Beginning  of this year I started working on a new TV programme The Repair Shop. Following that It was straight to work on Money For Nothing.  Then at times I have been filming both projects consequetivly.

Well let me tell you while it's been hard both physically and emotionally most importantly it has been extremely enjoyable. But now I'm in definite need of a break.

This Thursday I will be flying off to Barbados and I'm not saying this to rub it in but just to remind myself that sometimes the hard work really does pay off.

Someone said to me the other day you really need to take time to smell the flowers. So in Barbados I will be smelling the flowers, enjoying the food, catching up with much loved family members and enjoying the surroundings.

But in reality you do not have to be in Barbados to do this. Taking time to enjoy your surroundings, friends and family is something we should take time to do regularly.  


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