Still No Bag

I Like what I Like

When you travel around as much as me it’s so good to know what you like and stick to it.

Let me explain…

I like wearing a white shirt when I’m working and have 30 of the same brand, then trousers are the same but don’t worry I only have 6 pairs of these. Now lets talk about shower gel, face scrub and Shea Butter, I’ve been using the same brand of each for well over 15 Years. I know what you’re thinking wow that is crazy. It might be crazy but it is certainly true.

When I’m away filming i like tostay in the same hotel for weeks and I like to have the same routine, eat the same meals, when I’m there. Each hotel I have a favourite room and dish i like to eat.  So for example when i film The Repair Shop I would always have a Chicken Caesar salad for my evening meal and yes you have guessed it, I would have that every night I was there (if i had my way) but the other guys I film with, get bored with eating at the same place, so then we have to go somewhere else to eat.

So for me if you haven’t already guessed its all about the same routine and having the things that I like on a daily basis.

You will never guess what happen to me, the other day,  which threw a spanner into my master plan of sticking with what you know. The Airline only went and lost my bag. My bag, not just any old bag but the bag with all my essential things in it. You see I plan out what i will need for the week and then, I add a bit more just in case because you never know. But for me the contents of that bag are extremely important and each item is essential. I cannot replace these things with alternatives because I only use the tried and tested brands that have enabled me to feel good. You are most probably are thinking how did I react.

Well sometimes we lose things that we are attached to, these can be friends, family or material items. This can cause distress, sadness and even anger but these emotions only hamper your progress and prevent you concentrating on the matter to hand and slow your progress into the future. So I guess the message is losing something can make you lose an hour, a day, a month or even a year and in most cases all the frustration and upset does not resolve our problem. So what can we do?

Be thankful for losing something because you ALWAYS gain more appreciation for the things you haven’t lost.  

P.S 7 days later and still no bag but I am still smiling.

Jay Blades