Who Are You?

The other day I was given a chance to remember who I once was.

I know this might sound a bit weird but let me explain…

I have been working so hard building this brand and filming TV shows it’s very rare for me to see the people from my past, because when you are moving forward it takes time to look back and this is one thing i have had very little of lately.  Working sixdays a week with one day to wash, iron and pack my bags is crazy but needed to be done to build my brand/ career.

So when I got invited to a birthday party by one of the young people I have supported I thought I best go . Every year she has invited me and with regret I had to turn her down forone reason or another. But we all know if you keep doing that the invites just wouldn’t come any more.

With that in mind I texted Leigh-Anne (from Little Mix) back and said i will be there.

I was so happy that i was able to fit this party in-between filming.I booked my hotel and an Uber, as I wanted to have a drink and let my hair down, I know I don’t have much hair :-)

It was great to reconnect with so many young people that I have been lucky enough to be able to mentor. To see them, hear their success stories and witness just how much they have grown. The whole experience made my heart swell with pride and admiration at their determination to succeed. This lead me to visit a friend in London before I returned to Chichester. I was on a roll and it was so special to have this time with a old friend who luckily for me was cooking dinner. What a great time was had amazing food and reminiscing our shared past, a perfect way to round off a weekend. 

He will know who he is and funnily enough all he kept saying to me was Who are you?  Obviously my reply was always the same, Jay.  But as I left he asked me one more time and after my reply he said and don’t you ever change. This was heart felt and we both knew exactly what he meant. Quite frankly I have no intentions of changing and I am lucky enough to be surrounded by loved ones, friends and family that would be the first to point out if I did.

Not all of us have a friend that knew us from the beginning. But we do all have a mirror.  When we look in the mirror we must recognise who we are and like who we see. If you are true to yourself the reflection you see should make you smile. We might change but knowing who you are and where you came from will keep you grounded and allow you to be true to yourself.  

Who are you?

I am Jay and I value my past, present and my future friends and experiences.

Jay Blades