Fairy Godparents

I tell you what… I am very lucky. ‘Are you?’ I hear you say.

Well let me explain. Ever since getting into this industry I've been fortunate enough to be blessed with some really good fairy godmothers and fathers. All of them have supported and guided me in what I should be doing within this industry to make a mark and to achieve everything I want. I will be naming all of these and I wanted to talk about a few that have supported me in 2016 and 2017. I know the year has only just began…

Well first is Jab Anstoetz who was introduced to me by my first ever fairy godmother, Jess Simms (UK Marketing Manager at West Elm ). Jab has always given us boxes and boxes of fabric and I get so excited when I receive a delivery from them. To be associated with a brand like Jab just elevates the products that we are producing, I am internally grateful for the generosity. The funny thing about it is this is not a PR stunt because they don’t advertise this, so I would just like to say thank you Jab for supporting a small cause and making a big impact.

Stuart Scott has been my fairy godfather for a few years now and I want to say, I feel so blessed to have him on my side. The other day I received two very heavy boxes of fabric from him and I couldn’t wait to see what was inside of them. The boxes were delivered in the evening so I kept the excitement brewing for one more day. I went into the workshop super early to see what was in them and let me tell you guys, I was so glad I waited as the box was full of delights (only an upholster will understand). Let me try and get you to understand this, with each roll of fabric I opened it allowed me to dream away of the endless possibilities of ways I could use it. I had to hold myself back from getting carried away and not getting on with costumers work. If you don’t know Stuart Scotts work, please follow the link and feel the quality.

My last fairy godmother I would like to talk about is Zoe, who works for Design Junction. If you don’t know about them, please get to know them FAST. She gave me a call the other day and said “Jay I have a few things for you if you want them, just let me know.” She sent me a list of things that she had for me and WOW there was 97 items. All of the items were by designers I admire and value the work they do. Zoe has always had my back and is always looking for opportunities to help me and my cause and I am so thankful for the support.

Now I feel a bit bad for my other fairy Godparents, well this might come across as name dropping and I do apologise for that but I have to pay them the same level of respect. Thank you ALL so much,  for the support you have given me and the young people, over the years.

Zoe Brewer 

Will Taylor

Kate Baxter

Barbara Chandler

Sean Sutcliffe & Steve Owens 

Peter Ting

Billy Lloyd

Alistair McAuley, Paul Simmons & Kate

Carmel Allen  

John Galvin


Sarah Speddy

Katie Treggiden

Jay Blades