Is That Ok?

Today it's a short blog about what I've been up to and going to be doing. 

Last week I started filming a new TV series, with a great team of people: runners, work experience, Junior researcher, researchers, series producers, location assistant, assistant producer, producers, executive producers, directors, soundmen, experts, caterers and of course contributors. 

There is probably a few more roles but as I'm new to the business, come on I can't remember everybody. 

What I wanted to say is that it's amazing how a team of so many people can produce a show that will become part of history. When you see a show it's all about the people in the front of the camera but I'm on a mission (don't know how yet) to put a spotlight on the, behind the scenes people. Watch this space :-)

I can't say much more about this show apart from, you will get too see it on TV this April. Plus it going to look really really cool and stylish. Also, Thank you guys for asking me to be part of this beautiful show. 

Oh yeah I almost forgot to say. One of the team had a hole in his hat, so i fixed it with a pom pom and i have to say, it looks way passed cool. 

So for the next six weeks I will be doing my best to make some TV history, so I'm saying sorry now, as I might not be on my A game with regards to posting up new photos of our work every day. But I will post up a thought of the day every morning. I hope this is ok with you guys?

Jay Blades