I Salute You

You know what, every now and then I get so inspired by someone I have previously inspired. 'Ah', I hear you say... well let me explain.

I received this message on my Facebook page about a year ago:

"Hi Jay, seen you on the tele and now seen your work online. Inspiring stuff! I've a chest of drawers that needs some happy. May I ask your advice regarding paint? Which brand do you use? The finish is beautiful. Many thanks. Jane"

Jane was talking about a piece of furniture I had painted and she wanted to get the same effect. So I said to Jane "look it's best I chat to you over the phone as that's much easier for me (being dyslexic and all that). 

Which we did and this is what she said after. 

"Thank you again for the time you took to have a chat this afternoon. I had to dash off on the school run or I'd have liked to talk for longer! Hope I wasn't too brash. Have been reading more about 'out of the dark' this evening, your approach and attitude is contagious! Found the video on FB, and you suggested sending my email for details of your recommended painting techniques, appreciated in advance! Photos will be posted of the cupboard before and after, wish me luck! With appreciation - Jane"

So a year later I get a message, it was a photo actually, of the chest of drawers looking like I had painted them. I was like "did I do these, I don't remember or is this an unhappy customer" then two more photos came. Now I was like "damn this work is real good, it's just how I like to see painting done." Then this message came. 

"So nearly a year ago I spoke to you re renovating my inherited Meridew tall boy. Your help encouragement and advice was priceless. Here it is all finished. Photos not fabulous but the paint necessary to cover deep stains came up great. Thank you!!!"

After smiling all over my body with joy I replied back to Jane saying

"Wowwww I remember, how are you doing?

Well the photos look really cool and the paint finish is outstanding. Well done you.

Could you please send me some more photos? I tell you what I'm thinking of doing a short blog about your work."

Of course Jane said yes, that's why I'm allowed to chat about it, this experience now. 

I have said it before but the painting on this chest is outstanding, so much so I wanted to blog about it. I will always give credit where it's due and boy Jane deserves it BIG TIME. The young people I support and train up will tell you about this, if I ever give you a salute, you must have done some real good work or achieved above and beyond when anyone thought you would, even yourself. 

So with that in mind, Jane I Salute you. 

I have posted up a photo of a black Oak table I painted and the finish on that is perfect. The paint should always show off the wood (where it can) and it must be about the two working well together. 

I spoke with Jane on the phone and she got what I was saying, so much so that she then went off and achieved it. Not only did she manage to paint, just like me she also gave the wood a great fresh new look. She told me "I Sanded and 3 layers varnish to 'bare' wood. It was very dark orange through age had a few good chips, some I managed to deal with, and stains."

So the moral of this story is, Jane has shown me / us that anything can be achieved, with time.  

Jay Blades