1st Lesson

There is nothing better than turning a negative into a positive and learning something in the process... now that's priceless!

New Year's Eve I was very excited to be going out, cutting some shapes and shaking a leg, I even had a drink to mark the occasion. First port of call was to go and wish some of the older members of our community a happy new year and buy them a drink or two, to celebrate the year we have had. After I had paid my respects to them I was off to hit the dance floor. 

I got to the door and the door person asked for my ticket. That's when I did the very modern thing, I got my phone out and showed him my E ticket. On your way he said, I got to the dance, rave, party or disco (now I'm showing my age) and it was in full effect. People dancing, kissing and drinking (I've been told this is normal behaviour, nowadays, don't worry I'm only joking, I do get out.)

Anyway back to the story. I was having a great time and I can say the same for the others that were there, wanting to see in the new year. 

Tell you what, there was so many things happened to me that night, I'm not gonna bore you, I just want you to hear this one. So let's get on with it. 

Well Midnight had passed and I must say I was feeling a little wavy (merry on two drinks, I don't drink much so a couple is all it takes, to get feeling nice) I saw the person who's night it was. I stopped him and said well done on organising such a successful night (come to think of it, he didn't even say thank you he just carried on with what he was doing). 

So five minutes later he came back holding a bottle of champagne. He put the bottle right up to my face and said open that for me. He then turned his back on me and chatted to some ladies, that were near by. Nothing wrong with that he's a young man but he then made an insulting comment that I thought was not really a nice thing to say to a person. 

Oh yeah the bottle, I had opened it and I passed him back the champagne. 

Yes you guessed it, he didn't say thank you or please for that matter. He walked off as if he'd just knocked out Anthony Joshua in the first round. Now don't get me wrong some would say it was the drink that made him arrogant, I say if it's in you, it's in you and the drink just brings it to the surface much quicker. 

I am really thankful to that young man teaching me my very first lesson of 2017 and here it is. 

No matter how big you get in life or what ever you achieve, Never, I mean NEVER attempt to belittle people because it makes you look very very small. 

As the young man walked away I could see he felt very pleased with himself. I held the cork to the bottle I was upset but happy at the same time. Upset because I felt under valued by a person and happy because that was my first lesson of many more to come. 

Sometimes a lesson comes to you at the funniest times but when they do enjoy and learn from them. 

So remember ladies and gentlemen manners don't cost anything.

Jay Blades