WOW... now thats what I call a show.

The other day I went to Decorex International. For those that don’t know what that is, below is a little bit about it:

Decorex International is synonymous with luxury, and is internationally renowned for being THE event to discover the very best, and most coveted products from our unrivalled collection of 400 hand-selected exhibitors”. (Taken form their website)

I couldn't wait for this one because I wanted to see a few old friends and take a good look at what else is out there. Well let me tell you this, I wasn’t let down. The show pulled out all the stops and the level of what was on show, was just unbelievable! So bear with me as I give you a run down of what caught my eye. 

First, my dear friends Parris Wakefiled got me in as a guest. I was blown away by their stand with Galapagos FurnitureKorla and Claire Gaudion. Thank you guys, your fabric always blows me away and I can't wait to use them. Keep doing you!

After leaving them I went to see Timorous Beasties, what more can i say about these guys. They pull it out of the bag every time and I would love to be part of what you have going on up there in Glasgow.

The next person that caught my eye was Bert Frank. Very clean lines and the colours were so timeless. Thank you. 

I had to then just pop by and see the Godfathers of furniture makers Benchmark. If you don't know... then get to know!

As I walked to my next place iDogi caught my eye and OMG their oversized and bespoke chandeliers are something else. Plus they had Crystal legs on dinning room chairs, come on now thats what I call BLING!

Bluebellgray was next, their use of colours always get me excited because we have so much in common.

Then onto my very dear friend Sebastian Cox.  The bayleaf range is a classic even before it left his workshop and Sebastian is a legend in the making. We spoke for an hour on Life, TV, Love, Design and saving the world. We might have even mentioned maybe working together again! Bring it on and I cant wait to see what is next for the both of us. I just hope we get the chance cut some timber together real soon.

I came across Aiveen Daly for the first time. Her level of craftsmanship is unbelievable and I have never seen anything like this. She takes upholstery  to a level that very few ever get to.

WOW I'm blown away... Designer's Atelier fabric caught my eye in a very big way. The chair was so dramatic. I don't know how anybody could pass it without stopping and admiring. 

Fiona McDonald, clean, understated, timeless pieces. It is just classic to be observed.

Daniel Heath is someone I've always wanted to meet and I'm so glad I have now. After having a good chinwag, I got the chance to enjoy, touch and experience his designs. They are contemporary and classic plus his pieces are not only timeless, they are exactly what we need now.

William Holland does a bath like no other.

Chloe Alberry, door and cabinet fittings had me hypnotised with the array that they had... unbelievable and fun.

Last but by no means least is Amy Somerville, she takes interiors to a level I want to be at very very soon!


Jay Blades